November 18, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Fairfax, VA

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Please join estate attorney Jessica M. Pannell as we discuss the definition and difference between a will and a trust plan, the benefits of having a trust plan in place for Virginia residents, what happens if you have no plan in place, where and how you can begin to put a plan in place, specialty trust plans, and other important planning items and issues.

Ms. Pannell is a partner at Conway & Pannell, PLLC, and works collaboratively with families through all phases of their legacy planning. She has a special affinity for families with young children and enjoys the process of strategizing for their long-term benefit. Ms. Pannell also works strategically with families with special needs.

This is a Fairfax County government event. You must be an employee of Fairfax County government to attend. To register, visit Employee U (click on the self-service icon on