The C.A.R.E. Program is unique to Legacy Counsel Law, designed by our team to meet the changes, needs, and challenges faced by our client families. As a member of the C.A.R.E. Program, we continue to work with you and your family to implement and maintain your custom-designed plan. We say that your documents are ‘living’ and, properly cultivated, they will grow with your needs. To that end we have designed a program to ensure you have the education, assistance, and support you need to implement and nurture your plan and achieve your stated objectives. The C.A.R.E. acronym stands for Collaboration, Access, Review, and Education – pillars which guide our team and C.A.R.E. members through the planning process.


Planning with Legacy Counsel Law means you have partnered with us to make your estate plan come to life. We work with you and your advisors to establish an ongoing relationship that benefits and protects your legacy.


We know that access to your documents and to our team are critical components of the effective maintenance of your plan, and the relationships that nurture it. We are committed to developing and maintaining our long-term relationship based on confidence and respect, mindful that you have entrusted us with the important task of helping care for your family for generations to come.


Reviewing your estate plan provides peace of mind that the plan we crafted together becomes the legacy you envision. As a C.A.R.E. member, you are invited to review your plan annually with a member of our team, tracking assets and facilitating changes to your plan that result from changes in your life, including changes to trustee and agent appointments, beneficiary and allocation changes or statutory changes.


You are the expert on your family needs, so it’s important to us that you understand how your estate plan works. Our educational workshops, newsletters and, most importantly, Family C.A.R.E. Summits, ensure that you, your family, and your advisors have multiple opportunities to develop an understanding of your plan and the strategies that implement your legacy.


    • C.A.R.E. Portal:
      Secure Online Document Storage
    • C.A.R.E. Funding Support For Your Trust
    • Emergency HealthC.A.R.E. Cards
    • Annual Review & Planning Session
    • Family C.A.R.E. Summits
    • C.A.R.E. Educational Workshops
    • Healthcare Directives For C.A.R.E. Family Members
    • Our C.A.R.E. Trust Administration Fee Guarantee
    • 24/7 Emergency Cell Phone Access
    • No-Cost Initial Consult For Trustees
    • Free Notary Service



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There are no upcoming events.

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